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As a musician, teacher, and the daughter of two musically talented teachers, teaching my own daughters music was a priority since the days they were born. However, I found myself struggling to find engaging ways to teach them the most basic skill - how to actually read the notes on a page.  Learning to read music is a lot like learning to read your first language in that it isn't particularly fun or exciting, but lays the necessary groundwork to ultimately create beautiful words, or music.  

After trying several lack-luster sets of flash cards, I decided to create my own musical card game.  I started Crazy 8ths out of my garage in 1998 as a way to give my own daughters a fun way to learn music, and have been overwhelmed by support from teachers, parents, and members of the musical community that were looking for a solution to the same problem. 

Thank you for stopping by, and for encouraging your children and students to learn music the FUN way! 


Thanks for reaching out!




"As a music teacher, Kimberly Hughes wanted to help children learn how to appreciate music. The result is these musical games from TK Designs. They progress from simple to more advanced. This Crazy 8ths pack features 56 musical notation cards and .. rules for 10 popular games including Merry Widow, Prima Donna, Haydn Seek and Play It By Ear."



"Imagine a deck of cards where all the familiar suits, numbers and face cards are replaced with notes on the musical scale. That is the premise behind Crazy 8th's. By helping children become familiar with the notes on the treble and bass staffs this game does double duty. Games like Old Maid, Crazy 8's, and Solitaire require a basic recognition of individual notes and the results are superb. Children were firing off note names in no time and playing card games that they had played for years without missing a beat. Parents who were rusty with their musical reading also loved the refresher."

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