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The original award-winning Crazy 8ths game covers 2 octaves of notes centered at Middle C. Crazy 8ths allow you to play with notes covered in lessons for any instrument that uses treble and bass clefs, such as piano, bells, harp, and cello.


While the games can be adapted to suit your needs, the games in the rule sheet are designed for 1-6 players ages 6 and up. 


The card deck contains 3 suits of 18 musical cards covering both bass and treble clefs, and special action cards.

The 48 Musical Cards include:

  • 45 Note Cards (divided into 3 suites)
  • 1 Repeat Sign Card
  • 1 Triplet Card
  • 1 Rest Card

The final card, called the "musical chair" card, has different effects depending on the game you're playing. 


Single Game Contents

  • 1 deck of musical cards, including 1 cheat sheat card
  • 1 illustrated instruction sheet explaining 6 games


Teacher's Kit Contents 

This kit is a cost-effective way for educators to let a class of students play Crazy 8ths simultaneously in groups. 

  • 1 complete Single Game, including a deck of cards and instruction sheet in a decorative box
  • 4 additional decks of musical cards, including 4 additional cheat sheet cards


Crazy 8ths

  • We want you to be thrilled with our products.  If for any reason you are less than satisfied with your purchase, please reach out and we'll make it right! 

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